Look at what my clients say about my services:

” I first saw Mark at a psychic fair, and to be quite honest, I had neither the belief nor faith in palmistry nor tarot readings.  Mark changed all of that very quickly. A friend whom I had gone to the fair with had Mark ‘read’ his palms.  This friend of mine is a rather ‘complex’ person, but Mark got each and every quirky detail.  I then had Mark read my tarot cards.  I was very, very surprised as he was again precise, exact and correct on each and every point on my ‘reading’ as well!!!  Later, at another psychic fair, I had Mark ‘read’ my palms, and again precise and 100% correct once again!!!  With Mark there are no generalizations, rather, he is very DIRECT and very STRAIGHT-FORWARD in what he has to say, and he does say a lot in a very short period of time.

I found Mark to be very personable, very honest, reliable, and most important: very discrete.  He has an easy way about him as well as an easy (and wry) sense of light humor.  The one thing that is remarkable about Mark and what he does, is the rates that he charges: he charges way too little.  Let me put it this way, if I see a psychic who is 50% correct, I am pleased and happy, and I feel that I got my money’s worth.  However, with three of my friends and myself, Mark was 100% correct with each and every one of us.  He also charged much lower than most of the other psychic readers at the fair.” 

To sum all of this up, I do not think that I could praise Mark and his abilities too highly.  I would strongly recommend him to anyone who might possibly be interested, as I feel certain that you will find Mark to be either great and valued help, and/or quite an amazement.  Either way I feel certain that you will not regret it!!”

” I was amazed at the accuracy and insight from my palm reading.  Not only did you pick up on my personality through the reading, but your advice left me  uplifted!”
–Lisa F., Roseville, CA

“My friend Terri said her Tarot card reading with you was an ‘Eleven’!…”
–Gloria N., Sacramento”

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