• A Mini-Reading will take 15-20 minute per person.
  • A Full-Reading (Palm and Tarot Card) will take about 2 hours per person.
  • Readings at my location in E. Helena, MT (effective 12-01-2019) are at $2 per minute. (no minimum)
  • Readings at an outside location/gathering/party will be the following:
    • Group of less than 18 people $3 per minute ($180/hr)
    • Group of 18 or more at $4 per minute ($240/hr)
  • Rates for readings after 12 midnight and after 2am will be greater.

Any charges for travel time will be negotiated on an event by event situation (i.e.,  a “minimum of hours per event” may be used in lieu of travel time.)

Call me, toll free, at: 1-888-872-2643
or email: MarkTWexler@yahoo.com